Week 29/02/16

The Gametrak controller which I ordered online arrived this week! However it seems that it’s the wrong model and doesn’t work…


I noticed that both PS2 and PC Gametraks connected via a USB port, so assumed that they would be exactly the same, and ordered the PS2 version last week as it was much cheaper and easier to find than the PC version. After connecting it to my laptop and not being able to get any data from it using the Hi (Human Interface) object in Max, I looked online and realised that other people had also reported not being able to use the PS2 version with Max straight out the box.

There are a couple of guides online instructing how to hack the PS2 Gametrak controller to work with Max by replacing the board with an Arduino, but I found this guide which claims to be able to do it without replacing any of the components and only requires one small solder..

The below image is a screenshot from that guide, showing the part of the board which requires soldering next to a connection labeled ‘PC’.

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 22.15.27

I took my Gametrak to the electronics workshop in the design department of Goldsmiths so I could use one of their soldering irons. After opening up the unit I realised that my model is different still to the PS2 Gametrak in the above guide! The board in my unit was missing the connections labelled PC and Xbox, and seemed un-hackable by this method. This issue has also been brought up by someone on the comments of the mod post…
Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 22.28.49

Have had to admit defeat and order a PC Gametrak, at a much pricier cost of £45!



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